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Driveway Improvement Permit

  1. Property Owner:
  2. PLEASE NOTE: Portion of driveway surface meeting road curb should be same height as top of curb when improvement work complete.
  3. ** Three (3) working days minimum notice required to schedule a site review **
  4. Will roadway curb or water flow line be altered in any way?*
  5. TOWNSHIP ORDINANCE #379, CODE 611.8 - "Driveway may extend from the right-of-way line of the street to the cartway of the street, but shall not change the grade or contour of the street right-of-way, nor shall any person cut into, fill, or in any way alter any gutter, curbing, drainage ditch, or storm water sewer within the right-of-way of a street or easement without first obtaining a permit (at no cost) from the Township". **Sanitary sewer vents/clean-out vents must be a minimum of one (1") inch above driveway surface **
  6. By submitting this form verifies that I have read and understand the DRIVEWAY IMPROVEMENT CODE and agree to perform all driveway improvement work in full compliance of it.
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