What are the rates and rules for garbage removal?

Waste Management provides unlimited curb service for household trash and recyclables for the following costs:

  • $90.92 every 4 months (2022 rates)
  • Senior Rate: $81.84 every 4 months - 10% discount for persons 65 and over, financial head of household or their spouse must contact Waste Management and send proof of age and residence
  • 5% discount for any resident paying on a yearly basis prior to February 28, 2022 ($259.12 for 2022)

This service entitles the customer to place unlimited household trash and bulky items such as:

  • Appliances (with Freon removed and tagged by a certified technician)
  • Carpet cut and bundled in 4-feet lengths no greater than 40 pounds
  • Christmas trees no greater than 6 feet
  • Recycle consisting of commingled cans and plastics, newspaper, and magazine tied with string or twine and/or placed in brown paper bag

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