Does the Community Center offer Open Gym Time?

Yes! We offer Open Gym Time for members and non-members of the Community Center! 

Click here to view our comprehensive Open Gym Calendar! 

Please keep in mind, Open Gym times vary each month. During peak hours (after school and on weekends) Open Gym may reach maximum capacity. Please call 412-487-7870 ext. 1370 for additional information, including current capacity of the gym. 

Open gym is FREE with a Fitness or Center Membership and $3 per day for a non-member. 

Open Gym time is designated for non-structured free play opportunities. Scheduled, organized team practices and / or private instruction is not permitted during open gym times. 

Any children under 10 years of age must be accompanied at all times by an adult (18 or older) as is the policy throughout the Community Center.

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1. Does the Community Center offer Open Gym Time?
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