Why is a new fee necessary to pay for this?

The primary reasons are due to increased enforcement and requirements of unfunded mandates as well as aging infrastructure.  A stormwater utility fee is the best option as it is founded on providing a service, in this case it’s the care and custody of stormwater (collection, management, and pollution control).  These stormwater expenses cannot be ignored.  Non-compliance with mandates creates a potential for heavy fines and penalties from the PA DEP and the EPA.  Flooding and pollution impact all life, including human, plants, and animals.  

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1. Why is the Stormwater Collection, Management and Pollution Control Fee necessary?
2. How do I pay my Fee?
3. What do water pollution & floods have in common?
4. How will my fair share investment be calculated?
5. I don't have stormwater runoff problems on my property, do I still pay the fee?
6. Why is a new fee necessary to pay for this?
7. What safeguards are in place to ensure the money will be invested as promised?
8. How do I reduce my fee?
9. How will the SCMPC fee help to prevent pollution and floods?