What is required for closing on a home in Hampton Township?

The Department of Environmental Services and the Municipal Office coordinates the process of dye test and municipal lien and tax certifications for a "sale" closing on a property located in Hampton Township. The application (PDF) for the dye test as well as the list of plumbers (PDF) currently used by Hampton can be downloaded from the website. The application and fee of $40 must be received before a packet for the plumber can be released. The packet can then be picked up at the Reception area. Municipal lien letter packets are periodically mailed to a current list of closing / title companies or attorneys or the packet can be faxed upon request of the attorney or closing/title company. A zoning inspection must be completed prior to release of municipal lien letter by contacting the Permit Department at 412-486-0400, extension 1304. Please make sure the dye test, zoning inspection, and municipal lien letter and/or tax certification(s) are ordered well in advance of the closing date.

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