Community Park Rental Information

Pavilion Rental Information

Pavilion reservations are accepted year round. Hampton Residents can reserve pavilions 366 days in advance and Non Residents can reserve pavilions beginning in April each year.

All pavilion rentals must be done in person; online pavilion reservation is not available at this time. All paperwork must be filled out by the responsible party as well as payment be made in full at time of reservation. For your convenience we offer a 3 day telephone hold on all pavilions. Call 412-487-7870 ext. 1370 to place a specific pavilion on hold for a specific date. Only one pavilion may be placed on hold per person.  

Two separate forms of payment are required with each pavilion rental. Pavilion fees can be paid by cash, check, or credit card. Security deposits can only be paid with cash or check. All security deposit checks must be dated for the date of your rental. All security deposits will be mailed back to the renter (cash will need to be picked up at the Community Center) after their rental has been completed. In the instance that damages occurred during your rental, you will not receive your security deposit back. If damages incurred exceed the $50 deposit the renter will be billed for the difference.

Refund / Credit Policy: If a pavilion rental is cancelled prior to the date rented and the pavilion is able to be re-rented at least 30 days prior by another party the original renter will receive a credit on their account or  a refund. If a cancellation of a rental is done with less than 30 days notice no refunds or credits will be given.

Park Pavilion Rental Documents