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With vaccine becoming more plentiful in our county, residents now have the option of considering locations closer to their home or workplace to get the COVID-19 vaccine. To make that process easier for the public, Allegheny County has worked with vaccine providers in the county to create a public map of active COVID-19 vaccination locations.

The Vaccine Provider map contains information about pharmacies and ongoing vaccination sites, as well as temporary vaccination events for the public. Each location includes information about the type of vaccine available and how to register. More locations will be added on an ongoing basis.

The vaccine provider map is located on the county’s COVID Vaccine Information page ( Users may also access it directly at

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On Wednesday evening, May 27, 2020, Hampton Township Council adopted Resolution No. 1027 approving a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reopening and Future Operations Plan for Township facilities.  A full copy of the Plan can be viewed here:  Hampton Township Reopening and Future Operations Plan.

Listed below is a summary of the Township’s current operations.  Public interaction guidelines are to be strictly followed/practiced while the Township is operating under County and State guidelines.  Employees and members of the general public are also encouraged to voluntarily continue these practices into the “Green Phase” as well. We would ask that you also continue to follow CDC and the PA Department of Health guidelines as they relate to COVID‑19 pandemic.

Township Administrative Offices (Municipal Building)

All Township full-time employees have resumed their regular office hours

All Township part-time employees have resumed their regular office hours

The Township’s Municipal Building is open to the public in the reception area, permit window and Hampton Shaler Water Authority counter only.  Any meetings with Township personnel should be scheduled in advance and will be held in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Building.

Township Council, Board and Commission Meetings

Township Council, Board and Commission meetings are currently being held at the Hampton Community Center.  At this time, for the remainder of the year, all Council, Board and Commission meetings will be held in the Great Room at the Community Center.  Changes to this schedule may change based on State and County mitigation orders that are in place. 

 Land Use/Planning (including Permits) Department

  • Permit applications will be accepted and processed during regular office hours.  The Township requires up to 15 business days for residential applications and 30 business days for commercial applications; however, most applications are processed within two weeks.
  • All permits issued until the completion of the “phasing out” period shall be accompanied by the following condition, along with a copy of the State’s Guidelines for Businesses in the Construction Industry to operate under (see Appendix #4 of the Reopening Plan).
  • Video conferencing for meetings, or telephone calls, with the Land Use Department is encouraged.  All in-person meetings with the Land Use Administrator or Land Use Assistant must be scheduled in advance to ensure that space is available for the meeting.

Community Services (Road and Recreation Program Operations)

Community Center and Fitness Area

  • The Community Center is currently open.

Playgrounds and Pavilions

  • All playgrounds and pavilions in the community park are open.

Hampton Community Library

  • The Hampton Community Library is open.  

Twp. Breaking News & Updates

  1. Updated list (4-20-20)  of life-sustaining businesses is here

    Hampton Community Center is currently open.

    Community Park facilities, including playgrounds and sports courts, are currently open.

    The following is the latest information that the Township has received from the Allegheny County Department of Emergency Services:

    A.C. Dept. of Emergency Services 5/17/2020 Update

Resources & Links

  1. Vaccination Information for Pennsylvania

    Allegheny County COVID-19 Map

    ACHD Rumor Control Link

    FEMA Rumor Control Link

    ACHD Resource Page

    PA Department of Health Information

    CDC "self checker" link- allows individuals to answer a 
    few questions, and then offers advice.  Also provides
    information on how to care for yourself at home.

    CDC release - Keeping workplaces, homes, etc. safe

    UPMC Testing & Testing Sites

    AHN Testing & Testing Sites

    Restaurant List - Take-out and delivery options in Hampton

    Pittsburgh Cares - organization working
    on assembling resources for those wanting 
    to help and those organizations & individuals
    who need it.