Glass Recycling Program - Hampton Municipal Complex

Since glass was removed from Waste Management’s single-stream curbside recycling program, the Township has been working on a stand-alone glass recycling program.  Continuing to put glass in your home curbside recycling bin can result in rejected loads at material recovery facilities or the glass may be used as landfill cover.  To ensure glass could be recycled properly, the Township has teamed up with the PA Resource Council to provide Hampton residents a resource to recycle glass.

A permanent glass recycling site has been established at the Hampton Municipal Complex.  Look for the large blue glass recycling bin located between the rear of the Salt Storage Building and the Soccer Complex Parking lot.  How to properly recycle glass in this bin:
•    Place GLASS ONLY in collection bin
•    No need to separate colors
•    Leave lids/labels on
•    ACCEPTED GLASS – bottles, jars and jugs
•    Bags and boxes used to deliver glass must be discarded off-site.
•    NOT ACCEPTED GLASS – cut glass, glass bakeware, mirrors, porcelain and ceramics, stemware, window glass, light bulbs, televisions.
For more information regarding PA Resource Council’s glass recycling as well as other collection programs, please visit their website at