[socially distant] Community Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Event Information

Due to COVID-19 guidelines for health and safety in the state of Pennsylvania we will not be able to host our traditional Easter Egg Hunt. However, we hope that you and your families will enjoy some socially distant holiday fun by participating in this years’ socially distant Community Easter Egg Hunt!

The Township of Hampton has asked local businesses to participate in this year’s Easter Egg Hunt by adding an Easter egg to their storefront window! We encourage families to drive around the Township to look for as many eggs as they can find. This is a socially distant event - that can be done from the comfort of your own car. Any Easter egg that will be part of our hunt will be visible from the outside of the business. If you are a business located in Hampton Township and you would like to participate, please contact Melanie Martino by clicking here

Please keep in mind - Easter eggs can be painted on windows, cut-out paper shaped as an egg, or a 3D object shaped as an egg - so be sure to look for any item in the window that resembles an Easter Egg! The Township is also participating in the Easter Egg Hunt, so do not forget to drive by the Community Park Complex & Township Buildings to see if you can spot any eggs there, too. 

The Socially Distant Community Easter Egg Hunt will take place March 27th - April 3rd. After you have completed the Egg Hunt there will be a form located on this page (coming soon) to complete. This is where you will tell us how many eggs you spotted throughout the Township and we hope that you will include a photo of either your favorite egg or your family participating in this activity! 

Easter bunny and chicks What fun is a contest without a prize?! Three prizes will be awarded to the families who spotted the most eggs. While anyone is able to participate and join in on the fun, you must be a Township of Hampton Resident to be able to win a prize. Prize winners will be announced Tuesday, April 6th on our Facebook page.

The Township wants to thank all of the businesses that will be participating in our egg hunt this year! While anyone participating in this egg hunt does not need to get out of their vehicles or go into any stores, if you do choose to go into any business please remember to always abide by all posted signs and guidelines related to COVID-19 for each individual store.