Summer Play Camp

Play Camp 2Play Camp Program Information

Play Camp is a ten week summer camp program available to both Residents and Non-Residents. This is a school aged program for children six years of age, and going into first grade, through twelve years of age. Play Camp hours of operation are from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. The primary locations for Play Camp is the Community Center Activity Rooms 1 and 2 and the gymnasium. 

Play Camp Enrollment Postpone

During Play Camp children will enjoy arts and crafts and sports games planned by the Summer Camp Counselors. In addition to these activities children will spend time outdoors exploring our Community Park area and each afternoon we go swimming at the Outdoor Pool Complex. 

Each summer, activities and weekly themes are planned by the Play Camp Program Administrator and Program Staff. Play Camp Program information packets are available April 1st of each year. Program enrollment also begins April 1st of each year for Residents of Hampton. Non-Resident enrollment begins May 1st of each year. Initial enrollment for the Play Camp program can be done in person at the Community Center Service Desk. At time of enrollment all required paperwork must be completed and the required enrollment fee must be paid. All enrollment paperwork is included in the Play Camp Program Information Handbook that is available at the Community Center Service Desk as of April 1st. 

Contact Us

  1. Amber Pucciarelli 


    3101 McCully Road
    Allison Park, PA 15101

    Phone: 412-487-7870 ext. 1382


    Tuesday - Thursday 
    8 am - 1 pm


Play Camp Program Attendance & Payment Information

All participants must first complete the in-person enrollment process before they can begin registering for their Weekly Play Camp Attendance. It is required that all participants attending Play Camp are pre-registered at least 5 business days, or one week, in advance. Weekly Attendance can be done in person or online after your enrollment has been completed. The Weekly Attendance will be unavailable online and in person after the deadline has passed so please be sure to register on time. Payment for Weekly Attendance is due at time of registration. 

Play Camp 1Play Camp offers a weekly attendance rate only. If you will not be attending all 5 days of the week you will not be pro-rated for any days not attended. 

Going on vacation for a week during Play Camp? Not a problem! Our Play Camp Program is designed that you only pay for the weeks that you need. If your child will not be attending a week of Play Camp there will be no charge. You only pay for the weeks you choose to register for. 

In addition to the Enrollment Fee and Weekly Attendance Fee all Play Camp participants are required to have a Pool Membership since we do visit the Outdoor Pool Complex each afternoon. Pool Memberships are required to be purchased prior to the first day of Play Camp. If at time of enrollment you did not have a pool membership purchased, proof of purchase may be required on the first day of your child’s attendance. 

For detailed information on program fees please refer to the Play Camp Program Manual available on April 1st of each year.