Fitness Center


Fitness Area Overview

Hampton Community Center Fitness Area is located on the Mezzanine Level of the Hampton Community Center. 

The Fitness Area is available seven days a week (unless otherwise posted) during regular Community Center hours of operation. 

In addition to the twenty one pieces of equipment in the Fitness Center you will also find a three lane Walking / Jogging Track. This is a wonderful alternative to walking when the weather becomes unfavorable. Thirteen laps in the middle of the track equals one mile. 

In addition to one male and one female restroom located in the Fitness Area a separate male and female locker room is also located on the main floor of the Community Center. 

For additional information on the types of fitness equipment we offer, additional information about the Fitness Area, and Membership pricing please click here

Fitness Area Membership Information

To obtain a Fitness Membership you can register at home using our Online Registration System or in person at the Community Center Service Desk. Online payment options are credit card only and a 3% convenience fee will apply to each transaction. The Community Center Service Desk accepts cash, check, and credit card payment. The same convenience fee will apply for credit card transactions made at the Service Desk. 

If you are a first time Fitness Member you will need to visit the Community Center Service Desk to obtain your Membership ID Card and have your photo taken. All members must scan their Membership ID Card each time they use the Fitness Area. Along with receiving your Membership ID Card all new Fitness Members must go through a brief Fitness Orientation where a brief overview of the building and its amenities and the rules of the Fitness Center will be reviewed with you. 

Fitness Memberships include admission to the Fitness Area, Walking / Jogging Track, the Gymnasium Courts, and the Adult Lounge. Fitness Memberships are valid for one year. Memberships are available for both Residents and Non-Residents. Non members and member guests can purchase a day pass to the Fitness Area for $6.00 per day. 

Additional Information

Fitness Memberships can be purchased for individuals 10 years of age and older. If you are between the ages of 10 and 18 you must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times while in the Fitness Area. Children under the age of 10 are not permitted in the Fitness Area. 

Children are permitted on the Walking / Jogging Track as long as they are under constant supervision by an adult. Small children under 10 years of age must be within at least arms distance of the adult while on the track area. Strollers are permitted on the track as long as the wheels are clean and in good condition. 

Food Market in the Community Center 

As of January 2020 a self-serve, self-pay Food Mart has been added to the lower level of the Hampton Community Center! patrons can enjoy a vast assortment of beverages; both hot and cold, as well as a great variety of snacks and fooFood Marketd items. Enjoy a power bar to wind down after your work out or a fresh espresso to start off your day!

Food items will be replenished weekly so all items are guaranteed to be fresh!

The Food Mart is a self-pay area which is monitored closely by camera’s.  Payment accepted is credit or debit cards only.  Simply select the items you desire and scan them at the pay station as you would at any other self check-out kiosk. After your payment has been processed your transaction is complete!

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