Residential Rental Properties

Residential Rental Unit Registration and Certification


THE LAW: Township Council has passed a law requiring the registration and inspection of all Regulated Rental Units in Hampton Township.  Ordinance No. 778 has been passed on July 22, 2015. The purpose of this Ordinance is to protect the health, safety and welfare of all Township residents.

: The Department of Community Development is responsible for the inspection and licensure of Regulated Residential Rental Units within the Township.  A Regulated Residential Rental Unit is a dwelling unit occupied by any person under a Rental Agreement. All Regulated Residential Rental Units will be registered by the property owner; registration includes the Application for Residential Rental Unit Registration, conductance of a Triennial Inspection and issuance of a Residential Rental Property License. Licensure will be granted after inspection by Township officials to verify compliance with Ordinance 778. Inspections will be conducted once every three years to verify compliance with all Township Zoning, ICC and UCC building code requirements. The triannual fee for registration and certification is $50 per three year period/per unit.

All new Regulated Residential Rental Units which are added subsequent to the initial registration period will be registered and inspected within a three year period of the program inception, and once every three years thereafter. All inspections will be conducted at reasonable times and with prior notice.

Compliant units will receive a Residential Rental Operating License.


Please contact the Permitting Office at 412-486-0400 ext. 1304 to inquire about the licensure requirements for your specific project.

Scheduling an Inspection

 An Inspection will be scheduled for all Regulated Residential Rental Units in the Township. Inspections will occur once every three years. Property owners will be notified in advance of the inspection by telephone and, if available, by E-Mail.