Manager's Message

Dear website viewer:

On behalf of Township Council, members of our Boards and Commissions, as well as the employees of the Township of Hampton, Welcome!  We sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and will agree with us that Hampton is a special community filled with pride, progress and tradition.

Over the years, the Township and its employees have worked hard to provide the highest quality of services to our residents at the lowest, most responsible cost.  If you currently live in Hampton, or elect to do so in the future, you can rest assured that in an emergency, the Township's police, volunteer fire, and E.M.S. services are only a telephone call away.

If you have an opportunity to drive through Hampton, you will come to experience the excellent care that our Department of Community Services' employees provide regarding roadway maintenance.  This is especially true during the winter months as you will easily be able to tell when you have safely returned to Hampton because our roads are passable when others are not.  Furthermore, our efforts in providing snow and ice control over the winter months have earned us such a reputation that should you have children, the Hampton School District will have minimal delays and hardly ever a cancellation of classes because of the weather.

If you are looking for an opportunity to participate in recreational activities such as hiking, biking, baseball, tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, or yoga, you need only to visit Hampton Community Park, which is located in the center of the township off of McCully Road.  This park contains three baseball fields, six tennis courts, four basketball courts, seven picnic-type pavilions, a large outdoor swimming pool with a zero depth water feature and waterslides, as well as a 51,000 sq. ft. Community Center and Library.  Hampton is blessed with recreational programs for all ages and we think you will find that our facilities are second to none.

Hampton also has a community magazine that is published periodically.  A copy of the latest edition of the Hampton Magazine is linked to this website.  I believe you will find it to be most informative and full of community-based information.

Thank you for visiting the Township's website.  Our number one goal is public service and we see it as an honor and privilege to provide it to you.  Should you ever need to talk with me personally, please feel free to contact me by e-mail at or by telephone at (412) 486-0400.


W. Christopher Lochner,
Municipal Manager