Council Legislative Actions

Legislative Action
Township Council meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise advertised) to discuss and take action on legislative items. For a complete summary of the legislative actions taken by the Township Council, please refer to the agenda center. Below are copies of ordinances and resolutions that have been enacted by Township Council this year and legislation since 2010 is archived. A copy of a codification booklet identifying all legislation (ordinances / resolutions) can be viewed by visiting the eCode360 website.

View appropriate ordinances and/or resolutions adopted by Hampton Township Council below:

Ordinances / Resolutions Currently Under Review

2019 Enacted Ordinances


2019 Adopted Resolutions

  1. Res. 1003 - 2019 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note - First National Bank at 2.57percent
  2. Res. 1004 - establishing fees for traffic engineering consulting services
  3. Res. 1005 - Amends DCS Play Camp Fees
  4. Res. 1006 - Herron Rd Slope Stabilization Grant Applic
  5. Res. 1007 - Approves the purchase of 2524 Toner Ave
  6. Res. 1008 - Amends Police Pension employee contrib to 3percent
  7. Res. 1009 - Township submittal of a GTRP grant applic in amount of 250,000
  8. Res. 1010 - Adopts the Police Operations Manual
  9. Res. 1011 - Lightbridge Academy Sewage Facilities Planning Module
  10. Res. 1012 - Changing stop sign regs on Mohawk Dr at Cheyenne Ct
  11. Res. 1013 - Instituting a new stop sign on Talley Cavey Rd at Denbigh Ct
  12. Res. 1014 - Amends the Youth Basketball League registration fees
  13. Res. 1015 - Establishes Youth Intro to Dance Program registration fees
  14. Res. 1016 - Increases Community Center daily open gym fees
  15. Res. 1017 - DCED RAAC grant application for park trails
  16. Res. 1018 - Update of Township Emergency Operations Plan
  17. Res. 1019 - Gourdhead Bridge No. 1 takeover of substructure from Allegheny County
  18. Res. 1019B - Supporting a Citizens Commission for Legislative and Congressional Redistricting
  19. Res. 1020 - Amends Police Pension Plan-Employee Contributions
  20. Res. 1021 - Amends Municipal Manager Memo of Understanding Terms and Conditions of Employment
  21. Res. 1022 - Establishing engineering consultant fees for Gaitens Tucceri Nicholas and Trans Associates
  22. Res. 1023 - Amends Memo of Understanding Terms and Conditions of Employment for Police Chief