Hampton Veterans Memorial Court

Moving the War Monuments
In 2008, the war monuments were moved from Mt. Royal Boulevard to a new Veterans Memorial Court located at the Hampton Community Center so that they could be placed in a prominent area of the township that would allow members of the community constant exposure and more accessible for public observances to honor our veterans.
Veterans Memorial
Supporting the Veterans Memorial Court
With the generous help of the Hampton Community Association, the Township of Hampton residents can be proud of the Veterans Memorial Court. The HCA continues its fundraising efforts for future phases of the memorial through the sale of brick pavers and donations. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Pride In Our Veterans
The HCA and Township want to express our extreme pride in all those veterans who, at one time or another, have called Hampton their home. We realize, especially those of you who have served, that it requires a special individual to put our country ahead of their own safety. The Veterans Memorial Court, and others like it, should be a constant reminder to the nation of the great debt to society that we owe our veterans for our way of life.