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Hampton Community Pool

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Pool Status: Closed for the season.

Please be aware the Community Pool has a new policy on ‘spray’ sunscreen this year.  Due to respiratory risks to patrons and staff and the negative effects spray sunscreen has on the pool circulation/filter system, the use of spray sunscreen has been banned from the pool’s interior fence area.  Lotions are permitted inside the confines of the pool complex, but absolutely no spray sunscreen.  A designated area beyond the interior fence is provided for sunscreen spraying.  Please apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to entering the pool water.  


Thank you for your assistance in complying with this policy.  We hope you visit regularly, and we hope to see you soon.

Beginning January 2nd of each year Community Pool Passes can be purchased and/or renewed on the Hampton Township Registration Website.

The Passes can also be purchased or renewed at one of the kiosks at the Community Center during normal operating hours. 

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The Hampton Community pool is located within the Hampton Community Park at:
3101 McCully Road
Allison Park, PA 15101.


The Hampton Community Park Outdoor Pool may be closed due to cold temperatures (below 68° F), inclement weather, mechanical failure or other safety factors. Please call the pool admission gate for updates at any time. Contact the DCS Office at 412-487-7870 regarding evening programs.


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