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Orchard/Ling Pavilion

Subfacility of Hampton Community Park

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  1. Electricity
  2. Grill
  3. Overhead lights
  4. Parking
  5. Pavilion
  6. Picnic Areas
  7. Picnic Tables
  8. Water Pump
The Orchard / Ling Pavilions are located in the upper meadow, northeast of the swimming pool. The Orchard and Ling pavilions are two separate pavilions, one larger than the other but used in conjunction with one another. Features include wooden picnic tables, a water pump, overhead lights, four electric outlets, and grills. Restroom and playground facilities are located at Meadow field.

(Mon-Fri) - Resident: $74, Non-Resident: $140
(Sat-Sun) - Resident: $84, Non-Resident: $150
Holiday - (Residents only): $114

  • Security Deposit: $50 (must be in the form of check or cash)
  • Tent site fee: $25 each
-prior approval is needed by Director of Community Services

For more information about Pavilion rentals and to check availability, Please contact the Department of Community Services service desk at 412-487-7870.