Halloween Drive-In Movie

Drive-In Movie: Hocus Pocus 

Join us on October 24, 2020 for a socially distant, family friendly,  Halloween Event! 

The Township of Hampton will be having a Drive-In Movie in the Community Center & Pool Parking lots at 7:15 pm on October 24th! Click here to register! There is no fee to register and registration is per car not per person. Please keep in mind space is limited and we will not be able to exceed registration should it reach its maximum capacity.

hocus pocus 2020All vehicles will be spaced apart (every other parking spot) so that ample view of the screen will be available for all cars. To assist in ample viewing for all in attendance we ask that no tents or blankets be set up outside of your vehicles in the empty spaces and that all guests stay within their vehicle or parking space for the duration of the film. For additional information please review our Sanderson Sister Safety Tips.

In addition to the movie Pasquale's Pizza and Bruster's Ice Cream will be in the Community Center parking lot beginning at 5 pm for food purchase. Food vendors will not be available during the movie, if you plan on ordering food please do so by 7:00 pm. You are also welcomed to bring your own food or beverages to enjoy during the movie. 

We will also be giving out complimentary candy bags for all children (10 and under) in attendance at the Alcoa Pavilion. Be sure to drive by Alcoa Pavilion to pick up your candy bags prior to parking for the Drive-In Movie. When registering please note the number of children in your vehicle so that we will know an accurate amount of candy bags to accommodate for. 

The Township would like to extend a very special thank you to PVE, LLC Engineering Consultants and DRB Construction for their sponsorship of the candy bags and a thank you to Susan Bernet, the Assistant Manager of the Township for baking the cookies for the event! 

The FM station that you will need to tune into to hear the movie will be displayed on the movie screen prior to the movie along with fun trivia and safety tips for the evening! Please plan to arrive by at least 6:30 pm so that the movie can start on time. 

This event is FREE to attend, however, registration prior to the event is required. Proof of registration will be required prior to  parking your vehicle for the movie. Please have your receipt of registration available the day of the event. 

Please note: For the health & safety of everyone in attendance it is respectfully required that a face masks is worn when you are not in your vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, ordering food and waiting in line. Thank you in advanced for your cooperation with this.