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  1. Last call for Yard Waste - Week of December 18th!

    Residential yard waste is picked up on a monthly basis, from March thru December, during the third full week of each month on a day designated for your street by Waste Management.  Items included are:  leaves, garden residue (no dirt attached) in paper biodegradable bags, shrubbery, limbs, twigs, brush and tree trimmings cut in 4 ft. length, no larger than 3 in. diameter, no greater than 40 pounds securely tied and bundled.

    Yard Waste pickup may be collected on a different day than your garbage.  If you do not know your day of collection for yard waste, please call the Township office at 412-486-0400 ext. 303.

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  1. Shaler EMS

    Welcome Shaler EMS!

    On Thursday, November 30th, the Township received notice from Hampton EMS that effective at midnight, they would cease operations with regard to answering emergency medical service calls... Read on...
  2. presents from police

    Presents From Police Program

    The Hampton Township Police Department is participating in the annual "Presents From Police" program, which provides donated presents/toys to Children's Hospital personally delivered by local police departments, including Hampton... Read on...
  3. .

    Emergency Medical Services in Hampton Township

    Currently, emergency medical services that are provided to Hampton residents are through an organization known as Hampton Township EMS, which as you may or may not know is a separate stand-alone organization from the Township.... Read on...
  4. Yard Waste / Leaf Collection begins week of March 20th

    Leaf / yard waste is collected during the 3rd full week of each month by Waste Management, from March 20th through December. Collection may be a different day than your normal garbage collection day... Read on...
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